Other movies included Paper Tigers (2013)[5] It also explored the political and social issues of South America that influenced Guevara and shaped his future. [5] He has a half brother,[6] William, from his father's first marriage. , Resilience (2016)[6] Redford stepped back into producing with The Motorcycle Diaries (2004), a coming-of-age road film about a young medical student, Ernesto "Che" Guevara, and his friend Alberto Granado. [43], In 1995, he received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from Bard College. Amy Redford was born on October 22, 1970, to Robert Redford and historian and environmental activist Lola Van Wagenen. The popular and acclaimed All the President's Men (1976) was a landmark film for Redford. After that, his second directorial project, The Milagro Beanfield War (1987), failed to generate the same level of attention as Ordinary People. [6], Robert Redford is the Owner of Wildwood Enterprises, Inc., with Bill Holderman, producer, with the following film credits: Lions for Lambs; Quiz Show; A River Runs Through It; Ordinary People; The Horse Whisperer; The Legend of Bagger Vance; Slums of Beverly Hills; The Motorcycle Diaries; and The Conspirator. [63] Redford has seven grandchildren. [49] He also spoke during the ceremonies. He received a second Academy Award—for Lifetime Achievement—in 2002. This film reunited him with Jane Fonda and which finished at No. He had a critical and box office hit with Jeremiah Johnson (1972), and in 1973 he had the greatest hit of his career, the blockbuster crime caper The Sting, a reunion with Paul Newman, for which he was nominated for an Academy Award; that same year, he also starred opposite Barbra Streisand in The Way We Were. He was 58. As well, his directoral debut, Ordinary People, which followed the disintegration of an upper-class American family after the death of a son, was one of the most critically and publicly acclaimed films of the decade, winning four Oscars, including Best Director for Redford himself, and Best Picture. His directorial debut came in 2003 with the movie Spin, which he also screenwrote. [32] In 1975, 1977 and 1978, Redford won the Golden Globe for Favourite World Film Star, a popularity-based award that is no longer awarded. [30] In 1974 Redford became the first performer since Bing Crosby in 1946 to have three films in a year's top ten grossing titles. [69], As an avid environmentalist, Redford is a trustee of the Natural Resources Defense Council. [44], In 1996, he was awarded the National Medal of Arts. On August 9, 1958, in Las Vegas, Nevada, Redford married Lola Van Wagenen, who dropped out of college to marry him. Redford's next film, Legal Eagles (1986) alongside Debra Winger, was only a minor success at the box office. Portions of the movie Jeremiah Johnson (1972), a film which is both one of Redford's favorites and one that has heavily influenced him, was shot near the ski area. Amy Redford está trabajando en dos películas para 2013 como directora. In 2012, he directed the political thriller The Company You Keep starring himself, Shia LaBeouf and Julie Christie. Their son Scott died before he was three-months-old in 1959, and they went on to welcome daughter Shauna and Amy, and son Jamie - real name David James. The honors recipients are recognized for their lifetime contributions to American culture through the performing arts: whether in dance, music, theater, opera, motion pictures or television. Redford had optioned the film rights for the book from Bryson after reading it more than a decade earlier, with the intent of costarring in it with Paul Newman, but had shelved the project after Newman's death. In Inside Daisy Clover (1965), which won him a Golden Globe for best new star, he played a bisexual movie star who marries starlet Natalie Wood, and rejoined her along with Charles Bronson for Sydney Pollack's This Property Is Condemned (1966)—again, as her lover, though this time in a film which achieved even greater success. Su hija Amy nacería en 1970. In the 1980s, Redford began his career as a director with Ordinary People (1980), which was one of the most critically and publicly acclaimed films of the decade, winning four Oscars including Best Picture and the Academy Award for Best Director for Redford. The Sundance Film Festival caters to independent filmmakers in the United States and has received recognition from the industry as a place to open films. Redford is the President and co-Founder of Sundance Productions, with Laura Michalchyshyn. [76] In July 2020, Redford penned an op-ed in which he stated President Trump lacks a "moral compass. Not only was he the executive producer and co-star, but the film's serious subject matter—the Watergate scandal—and its attempt to create a realistic portrayal of journalism also reflected the actor's offscreen concerns for political causes. The film, which sat on the shelf for many months while its distributor Miramax was restructured, was generally dismissed as clichéd and overly sentimental. Redford appeared in the 2011 documentary Buck by Cindy Meehl, where he discussed his experiences with title subject Buck Brannaman during the production of The Horse Whisperer. Redford's family moved to Van Nuys, Los Angeles, while his father worked in El Segundo. [citation needed] Jamie Redford was a writer and producer, while Amy Redford is an actress, director, and producer. After a great deal of hype, the film opened to mixed reviews and disappointing box office. Herbert later became Governor of Utah. This film marked the only time Redford would star with Marlon Brando. In April 2014, Redford, a Pitzer College Trustee, and Pitzer College President Laura Skandera Trombley announced that the college will divest fossil fuel stocks from its endowment; at the time, it was the higher education institution with the largest endowment in the US to make this commitment. Marié le 12 septembre 1958 à Lola Van Wagenen, Robert Redford est père de quatre enfants : Scott (1959-1959, mort subitement à l'âge de 5 mois), Shauna (1960), David James (1962-2020) et Amy (1970). [73] In 2019, Redford penned an op-ed in which he referred to Trump's administration as a "monarchy in disguise" and stated "[i]t's time for Trump to go. [38] Redford was a co-producer and, with Emma Thompson and Nick Nolte, costar of the 2015 Broad Green Pictures film A Walk in the Woods, based on Bill Bryson's book of the same name. [1][4] Interviewees in the documentary included Richard Branson, Charles Schwab, David Boies, and Gavin Newsom. 16 Ekim 2020, Fairfax, Kaliforniya), Amerikalı belgesel film yapımcısı, yönetmen, senarist ve çevre aktivisti. Portrait of Robert Redford advocating against the demolition of Santa Monica Pier while filming "The Sting", Los Angeles, California, 1973. [6] He hit tennis balls with Pancho Gonzales at the Los Angeles Tennis Club to warm him up. He went on to receive Best Director and Best Picture nominations in 1995 for Quiz Show. [1], In 2001, Redford was credited as the screenwriter for the western drama Cowboy Up as well as the 2002 television film Skinwalkers. Redford has dealt with the effects of autoimmune disease of the liver for years until he was finally forced to have a liver transplant, not just once but twice . She had three siblings, Scott Anthony, Shauna Jean, and David James "Jamie". August 1936[1] in Santa Monica, Kalifornien) ist ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler, Filmregisseur und Filmproduzent. "Watchmen HBO on Instagram: "Hollywood legend Robert Redford will appear as U.S. President Robert Redford in HBO's Watchmen series. [2], Redford received an undergraduate degree in creative writing and filmmaking from University of Colorado Boulder in 1985, and later received a master’s degree in English literature from Northwestern University. David James Redford (d. 5 Mayıs 1962, New York - ö. The film's stars were Anthony Perkins, Jane Fonda (her debut), and Ray Walston. He released his third film as a director, A River Runs Through It, in 1992, which was a return to mainstream success for Redford as a director and brought a young Brad Pitt to greater prominence. November 15, 1960) (their first daughter; a painter), David James Redford (b. They had four children, Scott Anthony, Shauna Jean, David James… [6] The romantic drama The Great Gatsby (1974) was the No. Also in 2012 he produced Watershed. Redford attended the University of Colorado in the 1950s and received an honorary degree in 1988. Redford was born in New York City, the son of historian Lola Van Wagenen and actor-director Robert Redford. James Redford went to school at the University of Colorado, earning degrees in English and film. Le couple divorce en 1985. [29] The romantic period drama with Barbra Streisand, The Way We Were (1973), was the 11th highest-grossing film of 1973. He continued acting and starred in Brubaker (1980), as well as playing the male lead in Out of Africa (1985), which was an enormous box office success and won seven Oscars including Best Picture. Lola left college to wed Redford. He has also supported advocacy groups, such as the Political Action Committee of the Directors Guild of America. On October 14, 2010, he was appointed chevalier of the Légion d'honneur. He appeared as a disgraced Army general sent to prison in the prison drama The Last Castle (2001), directed by Rod Lurie. As early as 1969, Redford had served as the executive producer for Downhill Racer. In 1977 Redford appeared in a segment of the war film A Bridge Too Far (1977). Aus der Ehe gingen vier Kinder hervor: Scott (*† 1959), Shauna Redford (* 1960), David James Redford (1962–2020) und Amy Heart Redford (* 1970). We use cookies to enhance your experience while using our website. A Mormon ceremony took place on September 12 at Lola's grandmother's home. According to the school's web site, the award was created "to honor those who have distinguished themselves not only in the exemplary quality, skill and innovation of their work, but also in their public commitment to social responsibility, to increasing awareness of global issues and events, and to inspiring and empowering young people."[48]. Her parents have known each other since they were quite young. [2] Through the institute, he was the executive producer of his first documentary, The Kindness of Strangers in 1999, directed by Maro Chermayeff. Despite a subject matter of personal interest to Redford, the film received mixed reviews and proved to be a flop at the box office. [2], His 2013 documentary Toxic Hot Seat dealt with the health problems caused by the use of flame-retardant materials used in furniture.[1]. James graduated from University of Colorado with a B.A in literature. [21], In July 2019, it was announced that Redford would play President Robert Redford, a fictionalized, alternate universe version of himself, in the HBO drama series Watchmen. 9 in the box office for 1980. [1] Cast members of Happening included Mark Ruffalo, Lisa Jackson, mayor Dale Ross and entrepreneur Emily Kirsch among others. In the same year, Redford reteamed with Brad Pitt for Spy Game, another success for the pair but with Redford switching this time from director to actor. James Redford, an activist, filmmaker and philanthropist, has died, a rep for his father, actor and director Robert Redford, confirmed to CNN Tuesday. [1][2], Redford directed his first documentary, The Big Picture; Rethinking Dyslexia (2012),[3] which was based on the challenges faced by his son Dylan in school. En esos años compraron una parcela agraria en Utah, donde construyeron una vivienda diseñada por el mismo Redford. May 5, 1962, d. October 2020) (writer and producer), and Amy Hart Redford (b. October 22, 1970) (actress, director, and producer). Redford received an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts from Brown University at the 240th Commencement exercises on May 25, 2008. [56], Robert Redford founded the Sundance Institute; Sundance Cinemas; Sundance Catalog; and the Sundance Channel; all in and around Park City, Utah, 30 miles (48 km) north of the Sundance ski area. His most recent film Playing for Keeps premiered at the Mill Valley Film Festival in October 2020. [33] Later that year he appeared in the prison drama Brubaker (1980), playing a prison warden attempting to reform the system. The 28-year-old grandson of Robert Redford, Dylan, is the spitting image of the retired veteran actor. Lola and Redford divorced in 1985. [citation needed], Redford earned an Emmy nomination as Best Supporting Actor for his performance in The Voice of Charlie Pont (ABC, 1962). His wife, Kyle Redford, confirmed … David James Redford, connu sous le nom de «Jamie», était le troisième des quatre enfants nés de Robert Redford et de son ex-épouse, l’historienne Lola Van Wagenen.